Research project design and execution De Staic Research designs and carries out quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods research projects for a diverse group of clients across a wide range of settings. These include evaluations for public sector organisations, particularly in health, education and housing. We have also carried out many research projects in the private sector, for instance in employee satisfaction and well being in the workplace, research for HR departments to assess entrepreneurial potential, and evaluation of management development programmes.

Research support   De Staic Research is happy to offer support at any stage of the research process. This might be in designing your project, developing data collection instruments (such as questionnaires or focus group topic guides), data collection (e.g. setting up online surveys or telephone interviews)  and data analysis (using a wide range of techniques in SPSS such as multiple linear regression, factor analysis) and NVIVO (thematic analysis, content analysis). We are academics and former academics and we pride ourselves on writing which is of an academic standard but always tailored to the particular audience, to ensure accessibility.

Predictive analytics  Predictive analytics is the process of learning from current or historical data in order to make predictions about the future. For example, which factors in the workplace are the greatest predictors of overall job satisfaction and intention to stay with current employer (e.g. flexible working arrangements, career development and training opportunities, salary level) or which factors around a person’s health best predict how they will respond to a particular treatment (e.g. age, gender, lifestyle, alcohol or cigarette consumption, co-morbidities)?. Using advanced regression techniques, proven models can be built which can create powerful insights to  inform decision making, allowing resources to be targeted at those factors which can have the greatest impact on the outcomes of interest (e.g. retaining staff).

Research training and tuition We offer a full range of excellent and affordable social and market research services (e.g. designing, running and analysing survey data, using SPSS, using NVIVO) which can be delivered in the workplace. We also offer one to one tuition with students in  SPSS, NVIVO and all aspects of research related to dissertation projects at doctoral, masters and undergraduate level.  Tuition is delivered by academics with more than 20 years’ experience of social research. To date, De Staic Research has supported more than 100 professionals and students with personalised tuition, training or support in relation to research methods. SPSS tuition is a particular speciality.