Staff Wellbeing, Job Satisfaction and post-COVID working patterns

De Staic Research has carried out many wellbeing and satisfaction research projects. These usually include an online survey which is often supplemented with focus groups or one to one interviews (online or face to face) for added insight. Typical cost for a survey-only design is £1,500 which includes questionnaire design, data collection and analysis and a written report of 30 to 40 pages including graphics. Several organisations have commissioned De Staic to carrying out research with staff to determine optimal working patterns, post-pandemic. It is important for employers to work with their workforce and understand their preferences and reconcile those with organisational needs, to avoid demoralising or losing key staff.

The benefits of wellbeing and satisfaction surveys

Understanding how your staff feel means that you can make simple changes to improve key aspects of your organisation, with major benefits for you and your staff, including:

  • Increased staff retention / lower staff turnover
  • Greater productivity and creativity
  • Being able to develop and retain a more diverse workforce
  • Horizon scanning – anticipate future needs and trends in your workforce

De Staic Research will work with you to design a questionnaire tailored for your organisation, which enables you to find out what you really want to know, but can also include many tried and tested questions which can be used or benchmarking. Using existing questionnaire templates can save a great deal of time and money,

Our reports are always well received and many clients repeat their workforce research periodically to track progress.

In the current climate of rapid change and unprecedented pressure to adapt, understanding what your workforce really thinks and needs has never been more important.

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